Attacks of the YPG in Afrin towards Turkey

10 September 2015: Shots fired from Afrin to Turkey’s Hatay border guards, 1 soldier (Gökhan Çakır) killed.

 8 September 2016: YPG members from Afrin attacked to TSK’s Erol Çavuş Border Station with huge numbers.

20 October 2016: YPG members from Afrin attacked with mortars to Turkey’s Hatay, Güntepe Border Station. 5 mortar rounds fell to seperate areas in Hatay.

22 March 2017: YPG members from Afrin attacked with sniper rifles to Hatay’s Bükülmez Border Station.A Turkish border guard Hüseyin Koroç, killed.

25 April 2017: YPG terrorists from Afrin attacked to Hatay’s Gökhan Border Station with mortars.The Borders Station was damaged.

26 April 2017: YPG members attacked with ATGM to a Turkish armoured vehicle that is waiting in Turkey’s Afrin Border station. Luckily no soldiers was in the vehicle.

28 November 2017: YPG members from Afrin, attacked to Saatli Border Station with machine guns.1 soldier was wounded.

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