The Astana process, of which Turkey, Russia and Iran are the guarantors, aims at de-escalating the conflict and decreasing the clashes on the Syrian battlefield while laying the groundwork for a political transition process. The de-escalation zone of Idlib is the most prominent among the de-escalation zones which are agreed upon by the guarantors of the Astana process. The 8th observation post in Idlib has been constructed by the TAF as a part of this de-escalation process. The new observation post is in the village of Zaytunah in rural Latakia. Therefore, the observation posts constructed by the TAF are in the following areas: three in Dare’t İzze and the rest in Anadan, El Eys, Tel Tukan, Surman and Zaytunah. The TAF is expected to construct a total of 12 observation posts in Idlib.

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