Regime is Changing Demographics in Syria

The Syrian conflict which started in 2011 and has been active ever since, is entering a new stage. With Russia’s entrance to the war, in support of the Assad regime, the regime is gaining ground militarily day by day. The regime is also pursuing demographic policies that aim at increasing control over populations. After the Assad regime’s assertion of control over Eastern Ghouta, the rebels in Eastern Qalamoun have, with Russian mediation, sat at the negotiation table and left the area. Especially Jaish al Islam in Eastern Qalamoun has left a considerable amount of heavy weapons to the regime and left to opposition-controlled territory supervised by Turkey. Together with the fighters, the local population also has been forced to migrate, after which they have entered the opposition-controlled territories of Afrin, Euphrates Shield and Idlib.

Turkish NGO’s and AFAD have set up tent camps at multiple locations to harbor the fleeing Syrian families from Eastern Ghouta and Eastern Qalamoun. They are being provided with humanitarian aid accordingly.

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