YPG/SDF Starts a New Offensive Against Daesh

The TAF and its FSA allies had started the Olive Branch operation, leading to the YPG/SDF halting its operations against Daesh in rural Deir ez Zor. Reinforcements from militias active in this region were sent to Afrin for its defense.

As of the 1th of May 2018, the YPG/SDF has restarted its operations against Daesh in the region. The operation is said to be jointly coordinated with the Iraqi army and its aim is to eliminate Daesh completely from the region. The US has published a statement stating that a military operation to remove Daesh from Syrian lands has started and that they will protect their allies on the ground. The statement includes the clause that “The Assad regime or Iranian-backed forces will not be able to exploit the lands taken from Daesh”.

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