Turkish Army Established its 10th Observation Post in İdlib

The Astana process, started by the guarantors of Russia, Turkey and Iran, aims at decreasing the clashes in the Syrian conflict and thus starting the process of political transition in the conflict. As part of the Astana process, the sides have agreed upon establishing de-escalation zones of which Idlib is the most important one.

As part of this process, the TAF has established its 10th observation post in Idlib. The new observation post is in Rashidin in western Aleppo. As of this moment, the established observation posts are: three in Daret Izze, Anadan, Al Eis, Tel Tukan, Surman, Zeytunah, Morek and Rashidin. The TAF is expected to construct a total of 12 observation posts in Idlib. Therefore, the TAF continues scouting for appropriate locations to construct the remaining posts.

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