The Latest Situation in Southern Damascus

After the Russian and Iran-backed Assad regime took over control of the previously held opposition-controlled areas of Eastern Ghouta and Eastern Qalamoun, the regime has launched an offensive to take control over Yarmouk Camp, which is partly under the control of Daesh. The regime has made serious progress in its assault.

In the northern part of Yarmouk Camp, the area controlled by HTS and other rebel groups has been evacuated as per the deal closed on the 29th of April with the regime, which oversees a swap with the besieged Shia militias and people of Fuah and Kafaryah in Idlib. An estimated 5000 rebel fighters from the area have moved to Idlib and the Euphrates Shield region.

The Assad regime continues its offensive after this evacuation deal on the Daesh-held territory of Yarmouk Camp. The regime forces aim at splitting the Daesh-held territory into two parts, like they did in Eastern Ghouta, further eroding the resistance and coordination of the Daesh fighters. The regime aims at controlling these areas in this way. They have been successful so far as they have captured the Hajer Al Aswad district in Yarmouk Camp from Daesh, resulting in a substantial loss of territory for Daesh.

The Russians back this offensive with intensive air support which continues to lead to a great loss of civilian life in the area.


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