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Furkan Halit Yolcu entered the Political Science and International Relations undergraduate program at Bahçeşehir University in 2011 with a scholarship and graduated in 2015. During his Bachelor study he learned English and during an Erasmus Exchange program he resided in Spain where he learned Spanish for 7 months. He started as a researcher at the Social Sciences Institute of Sakarya University in 2016. Yolcu started learning Arabic at this institute and has done well in Arabic language exams. He has published several works on the 1991 Gulf War, Iran’s intervention in the Syrian War and the proliferation of arms in the Middle East. Yolcu is currently pursuing a Graduate Program at the Middle East institute of Sakarya University. His academic fields of research include: security studies, international relations theories and Jordan studies.

Making Sense of YPG’s Strategic Threat Posed Against Turkey

Making Sense of YPG’s Strategic Threat Posed Against Turkey There are certain methods to analyze the threat posed to states by insurgent and terrorist organizations....