A Gang In Afrin: Shuhada al Sharqiyyah
19 Kasım 2018

A Gang In Afrin: Shuhada al Sharqiyyah

Shuhada al Sharqiyyah is a DeirEzzor originated faction which had to flee from its hometown to northwest Syria due to the ISIS threat

After the liberation of Al-Bab from ISIS, Shuhada al Sharqiyyah broke the ceasefire with regime forces at Tadef and started an operation. After this, Ahrar al Sharqiyyah cut its ties to Shuhada al Sharqiyyah, and the faction was disbanded

After the Operation Olive Branch, , Shuhada al Sharqiyyah reorginised itself under the leadership of Abdurrahman el Huseyin known as Abu Hawl, Shuhada al Sharqiyyah 

While some claims suggest the faction to have up to 400 fighters, it is estimated that the real numbers may be between 100 and 150.

It is reported that the faction committed several crimes against the local population in Afrin, includin robbery, extortion and other gang activities.

At 19 September, the National Army and Turkish Armed Forces conducted a joint operation and disbanded the faction.

Fighters who tried to resist against the joint operation were killed, others surrendered

Some claims suggest that Shuhada al Sharqiyyah had relations to some intelligience services of regional states who operate against Turkish policies