Field Report [April 9-15, 2018]
19 Nisan 2018
Field Report [April 9-15, 2018]
April 9, 2018
  1. The United Nations Security Council gathered at the UN Headquarters in New York following the chemical attack in the besieged Eastern Ghouta district of Douma.
  2. It was announced that the fighters of Jaysh al Islam and their families have begun to be evacuated from Douma, as per the agreement signed with the Assad Regime.
  3. Reports came in that regime bombardment in opposition-held Northern has resulted in 6 deaths and 15 injured.
  4. The previous day’s strikes on the Tayfur (T4) Airbase in the east of Homs were declared to have been carried out by Israeli warplanes.
April 10, 2018
  1. DAESH militants allegedly launched an attack on Regime positions in the town of Sukhnah.
  2. 74 buses carrying Doumaevacuees under Regime supervision reached the Euphrates Shield area.
  3. Clashes between opposition fighters and the DAESH affiliated Khalid ibn al Walid Army were reported to have taken place in the western Daraa town of Hayt.
  4. It was claimed that multiple dead and injured among SDG-YPG militants had occurred as a result of an explosion in the al Shaddadah district of Hasakah province.
April 11, 2018
  1. The Russian Air Force announced that it had carried out airstrikes at multiple points in the vicinity of Idlib and Jisr al Shughur.
  2. Violent clashes occurred between Regime forces and DAESH militants in Al Bukamal.
  3. YPG forces allegedly arrested 3 youths in the Mabruka refugee camp near Ras al Ayn for being involved with the FSA.
  4. Regime bombings of multiple opposition-controlled towns were reported in the Hama region.
April 12, 2018
  1. The Syrian Regime delegation was reported to have arrived in Baghdad for formal visits.
  2. The international coalition announced that it had conducted 10 airstrikes against DAESH targets in the east of Syrian between April 6th and 12th.
  3. A car bomb attack near the Azaz Local Council was reported to have resulted in injuries.
  4. Opposition-held towns north of Homs were targeted by Regime bombardmant.
April 13, 2018
  1. Many dead and injured were reported in the Eastern Homs town of Qanaytun, as a result of a DAESH assault on Regime positions.
  2. The FSA announced that it had arrested multiple accused Assad Regime collaborators in Jasim town near Daraa, in whose domiciles firearms and explosive were found.
  3. Clashes erupted between HTS and the Syrian Liberation Front.
  4. Militants of the SDG-YPG supported by International Coalition helicopters clashed with DAESH militants in the northern Al Bukamal town of Hajin.
April 14, 2018
  1. The US, France, and the UK targeted Syrian military positions and chemical facilities in Damascus and Homs in air and missile strikes.
  2. The Assad Regime claimed that the attacks had not resulted in casualties, while still other sources suggested that the targeted military facilities had been evacuated in recent days.
  3. With the evacuation of Douma, the Assad Regime announced that it now contolled all of Eastern Ghouta.
  4. Reports emerged of Regime bombardment of multiple points on JabalTurkman in the north of Latakia.
April 15, 2018
  1. A Russian mediated evacuation agreement was announced between the Assad Regime and besieged opposition forces in Dumayr in the east of Qalamoun.
  2. Contrary to an agreement between the opposition and Russia, reports emerged of Regime forces entering Douma after the withdrawal of Russian military police.
  3. Regime forces are reported to have shelled opposition controlled districts in Daraa.
  4. HTS and the Syrian liberation front clashed in several points in the west of Idlib and Aleppo, with limited HTS gains.

The previous week’s strikes by the US, France, and the UKagainst the Syrian Regimein response to the use of chemical weapons in Douma were the main headline. No civilian casualties were reported in these attacks targeting chemical weapon production and storage facilities in Damascus and Homs. While the attacks did not result in significant changes on the ground, they can be seen to constitute a message to Russia, Iran, and Syriafrom the attacking parties. Other headlines include the completion of the evacuation of Douma under Regime supervision, the passage of Jaysh al Islam fighters and their families’ to the Euphrates Shield zone, and the announcement by the Assad government of its control over the whole of Eastern Ghouta. DAESH activity continues to grow in the al Bukamal region and the east of Homs. Finally, the Assad Regime conducted airstrikes against opposition-held regions in Daraa and the north of Homs.