Afrin Provisional Local Council
21 Nisan 2018
Afrin Provisional Local Council

The Afrin Provisional Local Council was established through the election of 20 representatives from 380 candidates. The council comprises of 11 Kurds, 8 Arabs, and 1 Turkmen.

Afrin is also administered by an eight-member executive council. The members of this council include chairperson of the provisional local council Zuhair Haidar (Kurd), deputy chairperson Abdulrahman Nabhan (Arab), Zakariah Muhammad, Jasim al Siferi, Ahmad Haj Hasan, Abdulrahman Najjar, Horu Othman, and Muhammad Sheikh Rashid.

As a member of the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces, the Afrin council will operate under the Local Council of Aleppo.

The criteria for eligibility to be elected as a representative of the council are as follows:

  • To be an officially registered resident of Afrin and to actively reside in the city
  • To have received a sufficient education
  • To carry the capacity of popular representation
  • Not to be affiliated in any way with a terrorist organization
  • To be suitable representative with regard to the city’s demographic and ethnic composition

Chairperson of Afrin Provisional Local Council Zuhair Haidar said during a press conference, “We can conduct a more democratic election with the participation of all residents of Afrin. We will govern ourselves. We will not be governed by those coming here from Kandil, or from anywhere else.”