Ahmed Mücahid Hayyu
28 Mart 2018

Ahmed Mücahid Hayyu

Ahmed Mücahid Hayyu (Ebu Hafs) was born in Syria’s Aleppo city in 1980. He is married and a father to two children.

After completing his high school education in Aleppo, he got into the Mechanized Units School in 1999 and graduated in 2002 as a lieutenant. He was promoted to the rank of captain in 2009.

After being promoted to the rank of major in March 2012, he defected from the army because of the unfolding developments in the Syrian conflict and joined Ahrar al Sham.

Ahmed Mücahid stayed in the ranks of Ahrar al Sham until the merger with Jabhat Shamiyye. After the Syrian National Army was formed by the opposition, he was appointed the post of General Commander of the 3. Legion.

He took part in Ahrar al Sham’s battle for Aleppo in 2012, and became the General Commander of Ahrar al Sham for the city of Aleppo and its rural hinterland.

Ahmed Mücahid took part as the General Commander of Ahrar al Sham in 2013 in the battles for the city of Hanaser, the Safira road and the city of Raqqa.

In 2015 he was responsible for the battles of Ariha, Harbe and Jisr el Shughour in Idlib province as Ahrar al Sham’s General Commander (Chief of Staff).

In 2016 he was responsible for defending against the attacks on Aleppo and the operation to cut the Azez-Aleppo road by the regime forces. At the same time he took part in the Euphrates Shield Operation as the commander of Ahrar al Sham, the battle for the town of Berata and its surroundings and the Aqil mountain and the city of Al Bab.

In 2018 he took active part in the Olive Branch Operation led by the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and its FSA allies as the General Commander of the 3. Legion. He was active in the battles for the city of Afrin, the Burseya mountain, the towns of Sheran, Maryamin and other towns and villages.

For his accomplishments, sacrifices and heroism during the Olive Branch Operation he was awarded a plaque and a coat of arms by the Turkish Special Forces Command and the Tunceli 4. Commando Brigade.