Israel Attacks in Syria in 2018
14 Ocak 2019


This infographich was done by Hande Karataş

Israel Attacks in Syria in 2018

January 9

  • The local media reported that four Israeli aircraft attacked the Assad regime.

January 17

  • In Damascus, Israel attacked Hezbollah’s armory. 

February 7

  • The Israeli missiles attacked the military complex in the town of Jamraya, just north of Damascus, where the regime developed missiles, rockets and unconventional weapons.

February 10

  • Israel dropped the Iranian drone. The Israeli army attacked Iran and Syria targets. The Israeli attack was allegedly aimed at the control tower and weapons depot of a Syrian military airspace near Damascus.

April 9

  • Israel carried out airstrikes on the T-4 military base. Iran-backed Shiite militias died in the attack.

April 17

  • The Hezbollah media claimed that 9 missiles were fired at the Dumair and Shayrat military airports near Damascus. Syria rejected the reports and claimed that Israel and the US attacked its defense systems.

April 29

  • Israel struck Syrian bases in Hama. Resources close to the Syrian government said that the Syrian army, which is home to the 47th Brigade near Salhab, west of Hama, was targeted.

10 May

  • Syria rifles attacked Israeli military positions in the Golan Heights. Israel retaliated to Syria. Military sources said that Israeli missiles were targeting military bases with and a missile hit the arsenal depot.

May 24

  • Near the airport of Dabaa, Israel launched missile attacks. It was announced that in the Dabaa military airport; Hezbollah, other regime militias and units belonging to the Quds Force were there.

June 5

  • It is claimed that Israel struck the armory and Hezbollah targets on the sides of Qalamoun

June 18

  • 52 pro-regime militias were killed in the attack by Israel. Of these, 22 were allegedly from the Shiite militias. Syrian military positions, including Deir ez-zor, Abu Kemal were bombed in the attack.

June 25

  • Israel attacked the airport with missiles in Damascus. According to reports, the Israeli Air Force has targeted an Iranian cargo plane at Damascus International Airport.

July 8

  • Israeli missiles targeted the T4 air base in Homs. There were regime forces at the air base, Hezbollah and Iran supported militias.

July 12

  • Syrian aircraft infiltrated Israeli airspace was dropped by Israel. Israel struck Hezbollah targets in Quneitra.

July 15

  • Israel attacked al-Neirab air base outside Aleppo.

July 22

  • Israeli jets attacked the town of Masyaf in Hama. It was announced that the attacked area was a missile depot used by the Assad regime. It was also stated that the area was a region that developed weapons for the regime and Hezbollah.

July 24

  • Israel dropped the Syrian fighter jet crossing the border of the Golan Heights.

July 25

  • Israel claimed that Syria attacked and the missiles fell on the Sea of Galilee. Israel attacked targets in Syria where missiles came from.

July 26

  • Israel shot ISIS militias close to the Golan Heights.

August 2

  • Israel attacked seven suspected ISIS militants from Syria, crossing the Golan Heights border.

September 4

  • Israeli jets attacked military targets in Hama, northwestern Syria. Syrian state media announced that one person was killed and 12 people were injured.

September 15

  • In a statement from SANA, Israeli missiles attacked near Damascus airport.

September 17

  • Israel targeted ammunition depot for Hezbollah in Latakia.

October 29

  • The Israeli state channel said they hit a ship that was sent to Hezbollah militants, which they thought belonged to Iran. It was claimed that the airstrike was in order to prevent Iran from sending aid to Hezbollah.

November 30

  • The area, believed to be Iran’s weapons depot, was attacked by Israel. Kisveh and Harfa region targets were included in the attacks.

December 25

  • According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Israel struck three Hezbollah armory in the south of Damascus. Syrian state media announced that three Syrian regime soldiers were injured in the attack,