The PYD’s Foreign Representatives
17 Mayıs 2018

The PYD’s Foreign Representatives

The PYD was founded in 2003, yet its operations are not limited to Syria as they are also active in Europe. European countries, although hesitant towards the PYD, allow for representative offices to be opened. The PYD establishes its organizational foothold not only by using its own organization but instead also establishes a presence through using the YPG/YPJ and the SDF/SDC.

Besides their offices in Europe, their offices in Moscow and the US are undoubtedly the most important ones. However, the office opened in the US has not yet gained full recognition. The office’s presence is derived from statements by PKK/PYD/SDF sources and the US has not made official statements concerning the recognition of the office. The PKK/PYD uses the SDF’s political wing the SDC for its office in the US. This situation seems to be a result of a consideration of US-Turkey ties, however Turkey and the Turkish public does not believe there is a distinction in the SDF/PYD/PKK. The fact that Sinam Mohamed, appointed as the US representative, joined the openings of the PYD’s many representative offices in Europe seems to confirm this.


The PYD’s Foreign Representatives;

Zuhat Kobane – PYD Europe Representative/Officer

Serbest Welad – PYD Oslo/Norway Representative

Sipan İbrahim – PYD Berlin/Germany Representative

Ayhan Efrini – PYD Bremen/Germany Representative

Şervan Hasan – PYD The Hague/Benelux Representative

Ahmed Şemo – PYD London/UK representative

Koçer Haseke – PYD Brussels/Belgium Representative

Halid İsa – PYD Paris/France Representative

Şiyar Ali – PYD Stockholm/Sweden Representative

Abdusselam Muhammed Ali – PYD Moscow/Russia Representative

Bave Hüseyin – PYD Copenhagen/Denmark Representative

İman Derviş – YPJ Prague/Czech Republic Representative

Xerib Huso – PYD KRG Representative

Sinam Mohamed – SDC/SDF Washington/US Representative