Syrian Rebel Brigades Participating in the Operation Olive Branch [18 January 2018]
Syrian Rebel Brigades Participating in the Operation Olive Branch The operation Olive Branch has been started Turkey accompanied by Turkish-Backed Free Syrian Army forces against the terrorist organisation YPG settled in Afrin on January 20TH 2018. Prior to the operation, the Free Syrian Army groups had gathered together under Syrian National Army. The National Army is composed of 4 main components: -First Corps -Second Corps -Thir Corps -Special Forces The opposition groups which are linked to Syrian National Army and participating in the Operation Olive Branch currently going on, are as follows:
Weapon systems used by YPG
Weapon systems used by YPG Since the start of the civil war, a huge and steady flow of arms and weapons to Syria from around the world either to the Syrian rebels or directly to the Assad regime can be observed. These weapons can be anti-tank weapons, anti-material or anti-armor, anti-personnel and anti-air or anti-aircraft weapons. As the rebels are fighting against each other or against the regime these weapons change hands between the regime and rebels often. When a rebel group or the regime captures an area, it also often manages to capture weapon stockpiles left behind by its enemy. Hence, some weapons are known to have changed hands several times in the 7-year long conflict. Therefore, nobody is surprised when a weapon given by Russia to the regime to be used against the rebels, can later be seen in the hands of the Syrian rebels instead.The PKK’s Syrian branch, the YPG, is one of the groups affected by this arms exchange. Yet the YPG is the group that receives the most foreign aid compared to the other Syrian opposition groups. The YPG has improved its inventory enormously with the support from the US and European states. The YPG has various weapon systems in its inventory and as a result of open-source analysis, the weapon systems in the inventory of the YPG have been identified.
Attacks of the YPG in Afrin towards Turkey
Attacks of the YPG in Afrin towards Turkey
Airstrike of the international coalition in syria within 2017
Airstrike of the international coalition in syria within 2017 According to datas provided by Centcom; the US-led international Coalition conducted 8,050 airsteikes in Syria. A concentration of the international Coalition on Raqqa is visible. After the US-supported operation of the YPG, Raqqa got massively destroyed. Raqqa sustained from 5,478 airstrikes in 2017. Additionally, DeirEzzor with 993 airstrikes, Abu Kamal with 705 airstrikes, Tabqah with 393 airstrikes and, Shadadi with 210 airstrikes were among the primary target od the international Coalition. On the other side, the international Coalition supported Syrian rebels and Turkish Armed Forces against ISIS with 56 airstrikes in Al-Bab in 2017 while supporting the Assad regime and allied militias against ISIS with 80 airstrikes in Palmyra in 2017.